Hi! My I'm Divya!


Most businesses just aren't "connecting" with their target profiles.

That might be you if you see lower-than-average conversion rates and painstakingly long sales cycles.

Prospects don' understand your offer, and you see negative conversion trends. Worse yet, competitors with inferior offers are beating you to the punch!

Why does this happen?

Simple: You're saying the wrong things (and maybe to the wrong people at the wrong time). And the reason is you don't know your customer quite well enough.

If you did, you'd nail your messaging and see higher conversion rates, positive sales trends, and a faster sales cycle. Your leads and sales would go up. and you would be asking yourself how to manage the growth instead of how to grow.

That's where I come in.

I help frustrated, busy businesses make cold, hard cash using cleverly strategized marketing techniques that bring results!

My Craft:

  • I actually do the nerdy, hard and in-depth research that other marketing firms don't to understand the desires, pains and needs of your ideal target profile. Because that is the only thing that actually works
  • Define the uniqueness of your product or service by creating a unique value proposition that are irresistible to that target profile
  • Workshop together to identify the tone and voice of your brand that will make your ideal customer feel like you understand their pains and desires as if you were in their heads!
  • Use my experience and background in Information Systems and Marketing & Sales by constructing the right hooks on all your website and marketing materials

What you get with me:

  • Understanding your business and getting you measurable RESULTS are the most important thing for me, so I will be with you every step of the way with all of my creative juices and attention on your business. No templates! No shortcuts! 
  •  An acute business sense with a knowledge of what makes people tick AND a sense of humor, now isn't that a good combination?
  • A professional who is constantly improving herself, and not some "woo woo" youngster barely out of school. I spend a significant amount of time constantly learning and improving myself. So YOU can be rest assured that with me, you get the best and latest marketing strategies for YOUR industry!
  • Marketing strategies and copy writing that bring you RESULTS. My rates are premium because what you get with me is NOT pretty surface level tactics or writing. I will go deep to understand your business and ask you questions that even YOU may have never thought about. Work with me and you might just see your target profile and business with fresh new eyes, I can promise you!


Fun Facts About Me! In case you were interested/curious/kepo........

  • I'm not just a dog lover, I'm a dog OBSESSOR!  A beautiful black Labrador Abby and a miniature Dachshund Milo are the current loves of my life!
  • I cannot cook to save my LIFE! It's a good thing I live in Singapore where in such situations, one does not have to starve to death......phew! 
  • My idea of a good weekend involves gobbling down a tub of Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream and binge watching a Netflix series (as I type this I wait impatiently for Season 2 of Stranger Things and House of Cards!)
  • Travelling every year is a must for me! But its also too hard to pick a favourite holiday destination, but so I have fallen head over heels for Italy, Bali, Nepal, Japan and New Zealand!